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MyTV12 is now the home of the WBTV News at Ten on MyTV12.   Be sure to tune in each night at 10:00 for all your local news, weather and sports with Anchor Molly Grantham, Meteorologist Eric Thomas and Sports Anchor Delano Little. 
The move marks the end of an almost decade long run of the WBTV News at Ten on Channel 46 which began in September 2003. It comes as a result of independent research regarding viewers of late news in the Charlotte market according to Shawn Harris, Vice-President and General Manager of both CW 46 and My TV12. “We commissioned research to tell us how to best serve this community with our news partnership. One of their strategic recommendations was to take advantage of the more news friendly audience available to us on My TV12” Harris said. Harris also reiterated the importance lead in programming plays for late news audience delivery, and the strength of My Network programming locally as fundamental considerations in making the change. My TV12 is one of the top 5 rated My Network affiliates in the country according to information provided by the network.
WBTV News Content Director Dennis Milligan and Vice-President/General Manager Nick Simonette agree the move will provide the best opportunity for growth in a highly competitive 10:00 news marketplace. “Shawn and his team have done their homework. With more news friendly viewers on My Network, and some subtle changes in the format, we’re confident Dennis and his team will move this show forward to even greater success” said Mr. Simonette.

Letter from General Manager, Shawn Harris

At CW46 and My TV12 we’re constantly looking for better ways to serve our viewers. We take very seriously our obligation to bring viewers exactly what they want to see each and every day.
We’ve watched the TV news landscape change over the last few year and what viewers expect from TV news. Our 10PM news has always attempted to stay in touch with what our viewers want. As a result we’ve felt for some time that My TV12 may be better suited as the station to host the WBTV News at 10. We spent months researching this and found this to be the case. The subsequent benefit is not only the 10PM News on My TV12 but the ability to offer CW46 viewers the award winning and wildly popular drama, Law and Order:CI.
These are changes that we feel we better serve the wishes and needs of viewers of both of our stations.
I welcome your feedback. My contact information is below. Please let me know what you think about these changes or any other issues surrounding our TV stations. You, our viewer, always matter.
Best Regards,
Shawn Harris
Vice President & General Manager
CW46 and My TV12


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